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Work programs and work experience with Grønneviken AS

We have spaces available and are happy to meet anyone who wants to try out an internship with us!

Check out one of our branches and see if this might be a nice place for you to start working again after a long absence from the labor market. We adapt a system that takes into account your expertise and capacity in cooperation with your NAV connector.

We have many people in work who are in the same situation as you and we'd love to help you back in working life again!

To apply, contact your local NAV office and they will help you with the application.

Grønneviken AS

Postadresse: Pb 133, Laksevåg, 5847 Bergen
Besøksadresse: Damsgårdsveien 227
Telefon: 55 94 33 00
Fax: 55 94 33 02
Foretaksnr: 951 178 357