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Grønneviken AS


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We customize and adapt to customer needs and deliver what we promise!

Grønneviken has several departments with tasks that vary in difficulty and is adapted to the individual employee. The departments produce some own products for sale, but mainly we supply goods and services to our clients.

We want to be an attractive, cost-efficient and attentive partner!

We emphasize that the tasks are adapted to the labor market demands and the goods we produce should be of high quality. Only then will the jobs be stimulating, useful and meaningful for our employees.

Contact us, and we will get you a good deal. E-mail:

Read more about our departments and view reference products on the various department pages

Cafeteria, mechanical, packaging/assembly, carpentry services, warehouse and logistics

Grønneviken AS

Postadresse: Pb 133, Laksevåg, 5847 Bergen
Besøksadresse: Damsgårdsveien 227
Telefon: 55 94 33 00
Fax: 55 94 33 02
Foretaksnr: 951 178 357