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Grønneviken AS


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Om Grønneviken

Grønneviken AS is an industrial company with approx 185 employees and is located at Laksevaag in Bergen.
We are just 20 minutes from Bergen Airport, 10 minutes from the railway station and is located on one of the largest quays right at the center of Bergen.

We provide employment and training places for people who fall slightly outside the mainstream labor market and who need to have an organized workday.

Our client group includes local, national and international companies. We manufacture and supply various products and services to various industries such as advertising, promotion, mechanical industry, carpentry industry, seismic industry, warehouse and logistics services. We also have a canteen business with catering operation.

The company is EQUASS certified.

We want to build an environment where everyone thrives both as an employee, partner, supplier and customer: We will show equality, we want to be inclusive, we maintain high quality in what we deliver services and our products and we will surround us with safety in the working day.

Grønneviken AS

Postadresse: Pb 133, Laksevåg, 5847 Bergen
Besøksadresse: Damsgårdsveien 227
Telefon: 55 94 33 00
Fax: 55 94 33 02
Foretaksnr: 951 178 357